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Light Gray Eyebrow Powder: Cool Helen


Shade: Light Gray - Cool Helen

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Why You'll Love It

  • Specially Formulated Light Gray Pigment – blends easily with your natural coloring
  • Waterproof Formula – for brows that last all day
  • Powders Create a Soft and Natural Look - transform sparse brows into full-looking brows
  • High-Quality Ingredients – cruelty free, and gluten free
  • Use as Hair Powder to Cover Roots - create the look of fuller, thicker hair


With just a few simple steps, you can have the perfect, well-defined eyebrows.

  • Pluck, tweeze, and shape your eyebrows:
           Outline the shape you want. Here is a simple three-step process to achieve the perfect look:
               1. Your eyebrow should start just to the outside of the nose.
               2. The peak of the arch of your brow should align to the outer edge of your pupil.
               3. Taper off your brow at the outer corner of your eye.
  • Fill - fill in your eyebrow with soft even strokes. Build up the color and pair with an Eye Embrace light gray eyebrow pencil for fuller brows.
  • Party! You’re done!

What Others Say


Finally a decent brow powder in gray! This powder is great for my thinning, whitening brows. They have a great texture, sweat-proof and  lasted all day.


 I really love the ease of application and depth of color of the pencil and the powder. Thanks for creating an amazing product that I plan to always have on hand


Since my brows are starting to gray, they look sparse and thin, but with your products, I feel confident that I look natural and the color looks like the hair on top of my head! 


I absolutely LOVE IT! I am a 76 year old lady with white, grayish hair and have hardly any eyebrows at all. I have been searching and trying different brands and could not find anything that would go with my light complexion and white, gray hair. Your product has finally ended my search. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for coming out with a product and color for us people with gray hair or white hair. Your product is wonderful...it just glides on and the color is perfect.

I am so thrilled. Thank you from a very happy senior lady.