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The Perfect Look

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an amazing look takes the three p's: planning, product, and perfection

At EyeEmbrace, we are laser focused on finding and reviewing the best eye makeup and look combinations. This eye makeup tutorial will teach you the basics of how to beautify and perfect your eyes. Master the 3 P's and you'll be ready to rock any look!

What Others Say


I love your thoughtful reviews and comparisons. They made it way easier for me to decide what I wanted.

Emma Johnson

Fashion Blogger


As a makeup artist,  I want to find the latest looks for my clients. EyeEmbrace.com has just the info I was looking for.

Anna Davis
Makeup Artist


I like that EyeEmbrace makes their own products. The new grey eyebrow pencils are unique and offer a much lighter option compared to what's out there. 

Victoria Richards
Fashion Consultant

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